Different Kind Of Games Available At Video Poker

Video poker has gained a lot of popularity in the past few decades. It is a casino game which is played and loved by all - young and old. It is a machine based game and nowaday is usually preferred to the table games that used to be the roost of casino games in the past.

Let’s look at the different kinds of video poker games that are entertaining players all around the world today.

Games with Full Pay

As the name itself suggest full pay game is a kind of video poker game which gives the customer maximum payback for that particular game type. For Example, if you have a payback percent of 99%, if you have wagered $100, you would be expecting to lose only $ 1 in the whole game. If we assume error free play, then for full pay games the payback percentage would be 100% or more than 100%.

In fact you can almost hope of winning close to 99.5% paybacks if played with the right strategy in Full pay Jacks. The strategy of the casino is to place the full pay machines along side with play schedule and leaves the choice to customer to decide which amongst these two would they like to play with.

Few of the Popular Video Poker Games
1) Jacks or Better is a popular video poker game, the payoffs usually begins at a pair of jacks or better. The game is also named as 9/6 jacks or better, in which 9 is nothing but payoff in case if you have stroked a full house, while 6 refers to payoff meant for a flush. Jacks or Better in theory has almost a payback of 99.5% if played with the right strategy.

2) All American is based on Jacks or better. However; in this there are higher payouts for flushes and less payout for full houses.

3) Tens or better is just another version of 6/5 jacks or better, in this a pair of tens and not jacks are the minimum paying hand.

4) Deuces Wild is another poker game in which twos are considered wild. This game almost has a theoretical payback of 100% or sometimes more than 100% if played with a perfect strategy.

5) Another of video poker doing rounds in the casino parlors of the world is Bonus Poker. In this, higher payout package is offered for four of a kind. The payback version for this video poker is also high and stands close to 99%.

6) Double bonus is also almost like jacks or better but you are eligible for a bonus payout on showing of four aces. Again this form of video poker allows a very high payback theoretically – almost close to 100% or more. Double Bonus also forms a part of the most complex video poker games.

7) Another variation of double bonus is double double bonus wherein bonus payoffs are offered for different fours.

These are just a few of the video poker games available online today, with a little bit of research you can still come across the one that is more suitable for you and will give you the maximum paybacks.



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